10 students talk
about their experiences Studying in Québec

Amélie Honorez
Paterne Ndjambou
Ellyn Badens
Derek Chang
Annabelle Bourgogne
Lyvaï Faïnicka
Catherine Doldirina
Nabil Fathallah
Yaqin Zuo
Madson Bezerra


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For example:

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  • Descriptions are added to information-containing images.
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For further information about accessibility, see the standards governing the accessibility of Québec government websites.


Amélie Honorez, BELGIUM

Paterne Ndjambou, GABON

Ellyn Badens, FRANCE

Derek Chang, TAIWAN

Annabelle Bourgogne, RÉUNION

Lyvaï Faïnicka, NEW CALEDONIA

Catherine Doldirina, GEORGIA

Nabil Fathallah, TUNISIA

Yaqin Zuo, CHINA

Madson Bezerra, BRAZIL